The Most Cheap City Breaks & Short Trips Holidays Packages in 2022

Travel to Mexico: This city is the most affordable place to visit in 2022. La Paz, Quito, and Santo Domingo are perfect for those on a budget. In addition to Mexico, other cheap travel destinations include the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and the Czech Republic. In this article, we’ll discuss where to stay while on a budget and which sites to visit to enjoy a city break.

Mexico is the Cheapest Place to Travel in 2022

If you’re looking for the cheapest vacation packages, consider Voucher Code Thomas Cook. Mexico is a popular destination for Americans due to the abundance of direct flights to and from the country. You can find cheap flights to the coastal regions of Baja California Sur and the Cancun region. January is one of the cheapest months to visit and the weather is warm and balmy. You’ll also find great food at reasonable prices. You can opt for either private tours or public transportation. For those looking for an exotic getaway, Mexico’s climate makes it one of the cheapest places to travel in 2022.

Regardless of whether you’re traveling to a city or a national park, Mexico’s cheap airfares will make traveling an affordable experience. However, be prepared to shell out some cash when traveling throughout the country. While flights are often reasonable value, try to use buses instead. Getting a good view of the countryside while traveling is a huge benefit. If you’re traveling by bus, be sure to plan and learn how to use colectivos.

The country is composed of 32 states, and each one has its own unique culture and customs. Be sure to learn about each of these before making any travel plans. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can try a trip to Mazatlan with Travel Places Vouchers. The city has a wide range of sightseeing tours that you can enjoy. In addition, if you’re not sure which part of Mexico to choose, you can explore the quaint, old town of Viejo Mazatlan.

La Paz is a Great Place to Travel on a Budget

One of the best ways to spend a reasonable amount of money when traveling in Bolivia is to find an Airbnb rental. La Paz has plenty of cheap vacation rentals available, including hotels in great neighborhoods. For longer stays, however, consider renting an Airbnb apartment instead. These rentals are much more comfortable than traditional hotels, and most have a kitchen and living area. Taking the time to research your rental can also help you save money on food and drinks.

While you may want to get around on foot, it’s also possible to get around on a budget by using the Uber service. Alternatively, you can hail a cab from the Malecon bayfront or by the cathedral on the plaza. Depending on the distance you need to cover, expect to pay between 50 and 80 pesos. Another option is taking local buses, which cost 10 pesos each.

If you’re a first-time visitor to La Paz, look for an affordable hotel on the Malecon, which is the main street. The city is lively and boasts spectacular sunsets, so stay near the water for a perfect view. You can choose from a wide range of hotel options to suit your budget. The Seven Crown has an excellent rooftop bar and chic rooms, while Posada de Las Flores has some special properties of its own.

Quito is a Great Place to Travel on a Budget

In Ecuador, the capital city of Quito is a charming destination in the Andes Mountains. Built into the ancient Incan city, it is rich in culture and history. Its attractions include the Basilica of the National Vow, Independence Square, and the Middle of the World. If you’re on a budget, consider staying in La Ronda, the oldest neighborhood in the city. From here, you’ll have excellent access to other parts of the city and can get away from the bustling tourism circuit.

Getting around the city is affordable, with many attractions free or very inexpensive. Bus tours and free walking tours are popular options, and $15 tickets include transportation and sightseeing. If you’d rather stay in a hotel, you’ll find cheap accommodation and great food in Quito. The city’s climate and beautiful views will make your trip to Ecuador even more memorable. And don’t forget to try the local cuisine!

Depending on the time of year that you plan to visit Quito, you can stay at one of the luxury 5-star hotels, like the Swissotel. This upscale, luxury hotel boasts two swimming pools, spa facilities, five restaurants, and emergency cash. If you don’t mind spending a little more, you can also consider renting a private Airbnb in Quito, which can be a cheaper option than a hotel.

Santo Domingo

The most affordable city breaks and short trips holiday packages in Santo Domingo are available throughout the year, but the most expensive month to visit is December. You can find flights from Dallas to the Dominican Republic for around $282. The city itself is not overly expensive, with countless cheap hotels and Airbnb rooms available for under $50 per night. Santo Domingo is also home to the famous Boca Chica and the Parque Colon.

The Dominican Republic is home to beautiful beaches and pristine, turquoise waters. Its year-round climate and impeccable beaches make it a wonderful destination for any type of holiday. There are many carefully chosen hotels, from budget-friendly options to luxurious spas. In addition to being beautiful and affordable, Santo Domingo is also home to cosmopolitan culture and music, including Merengue, jazz, and old-world charm.

The Colonial Zone, also known as “Colonial City,” is the oldest city in the New World and is the most exciting part of modern Santo Domingo. Featuring 11 historic blocks and the first cathedral in America, the Colonial Zone is home to a diverse range of shops, restaurants, and nightlife. In addition, it is home to some of the country’s finest museums and historic sites.

Punta Cana

To find the cheapest packages, look for a destination that has a low cost per day. You can find some great deals on airline tickets if you travel during January, the cheapest month to visit. You can find the best Traveling deals at Thomas Cook Voucher Codes. The Caribbean Sea and its pristine beaches make Punta Cana the perfect getaway.

The Dominican Republic is an affordable destination for travelers looking for an affordable vacation. Punta Cana enjoys a subtropical climate, with temperatures averaging around 82 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Apple Vacations has exclusive vacation flights from 20 US cities. There is also scheduled airline service from coast to coast. Punta Cana has several luxury hotels and is perfect for people who want to relax.

For example, you can book a holiday package on Travel Discount Codes and fly from JFK airport to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. This package also includes six nights of accommodation in a junior suite deluxe room at Bahia Principe Luxury Bouganville. The hotel has a private beach, multiple swimming pools, four tennis courts, and nightly live music. You can play golf or play tennis at an additional cost.


If you want to get away from the usual tourist traps and experience some real culture, here are some of the best cheap European city breaks to consider. One of the last undiscovered European countries, Albania has a lot to offer tourists who want to experience real wilderness and friendly people. In addition to its cheap accommodation, food, and transport options, this city offers several interesting museums and historic bunkers.

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