My Alaskan Cruise 2023 Journey

My Alaskan Cruise 2023 Journey

I have been dreaming of cruising the Alaskan cruise 2023 coastline since I was a child. And when I was invited to participate in a 2023 voyage on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas, I didn’t hesitate. I knew this would be an amazing experience and it was. The trip spanned almost 10 days, with stops at ports like Honolulu, Homer, Ketchikan, and Juneau. Although the cruise was great, the best part was getting to know all of my fellow passengers. We all shared similar interests and experiences which made for a truly enriching journey. So if you are ready to join me on my next dream voyage, read on for more information about how to book your spot!

Why I chose to cruise Alaska

I was first drawn to Alaska because of its beauty. The stunning landscapes and wildlife always caught my eye. I also loved the idea of sailing through those majestic waterways. After doing some research, I found that Alaska had some of the best cruising opportunities in the world – both for sailboats and luxury cruisers.

The cruise itineraries offered by Alaska Cruise Lines were perfect for me. They ranged from short (3-night) cruises to lengthy (10-day) cruises with plenty of options in between. And since I wanted to see as much as possible while on my trip, the itineraries allowed me the flexibility to customize my experience.

Another reason I chose Alaska for my cruise was its incredible sailing opportunities. The Gulf of Alaska is one of the world’s most challenging sailing areas and it offers great cruising opportunities for experienced sailors as well as newcomers. In addition, there are many protected glasses of water where sailing is prohibited by law, so you can find solitude even when surrounded by other boats and people aboard a cruise ship!

And finally, one of the selling points for cruising in Alaska is the amazing staff you will be working with. Alaskan Cruise Lines has a long history of providing outstanding crewmembers who are committed to making your voyage exceptional. From start to finish, your cruise will run smoothly thanks to their expertise and professionalism.

What was my experience like on my Alaskan Cruise?

My Alaskan cruise 2023 Journey

I have never been so excited about a vacation in my life! I was so looking forward to my Alaskan cruise. When the time came, we boarded the ship and got ready for our voyage.

On the first day, we stopped at Glacier Bay National Park and kayaked around the bay. It was such an amazing experience! We also had a chance to go on a tour of the ship and see all of the amenities it offered.

On the second day, we cruised through Prince William Sound. The scenery was gorgeous and the water was blue-green perfection. We stopped at various ports along the way to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful area.

On our last day, we sailed into Ketchikan harbor. We were able to walk around town and visit some of the shops before catching our shuttle back to the ship. Overall, my Alaskan cruise was fantastic! I absolutely loved every minute of it!

What tips would I give someone planning their own Alaskan Cruise?

If you’re interested in planning your own Alaskan cruise, here are a few tips to help you get started:
2. Research the different ports of call – each has its own attractions and activities that you may not be able to experience on any other cruise line.
3. Get organized – creating a packing list of the items you’ll need will make the process go faster and help avoid rushing around in port.
4. Book your trip early – the earlier you book, the better deals you’ll likely find!
5. Pack your camera – there’s no better way to capture all the amazing sights and sounds of Alaska than with your own camera!

My Alaskan Cruise 2023 Journey

My Alaskan cruise 2023 Journey planning began in the spring of 2018 when I started putting together my wishlist for a cruise. After much deliberation, I narrowed my choices down to two cruises – one on the Carnival Fantasy and another on the Norwegian Pearl.

I researched each cruise extensively and decided on the Carnival Fantasy because of its shorter length (10 days) and lower price point. The Fantasy also has a couples’ suite which is huge and can easily accommodate 4 people.

Originally, I was going to book my cruise through Carnival but after reading several negative reviews about their customer service, I decided to go with a third-party booking company, The cruise critic was great to work with – they had great pricing options and were able to get me a deal on the cruise!

The only catch was that I needed to be in Alaska by October 10th in order to take advantage of the promotional offers that were available at the time. Fortunately, this wasn’t too difficult since I live in Alaska!

Once I confirmed my reservation and got all of the documentation ready, it was time to start planning my trip! The first thing that I did was create a travel plan based on what dates worked best for me. My original plan had me leaving Anchorage on September 26th and flying home from San Francisco on October 3rd – however, due to some last-minute changes at work, I needed more time off so my travel plans changed

My experience with the Norwegian Cruise Line

I had a wonderful experience cruising on the Norwegian Cruise Line! The ship was beautifully decorated and very clean. The staff was friendly and accommodated all of our requests. I would definitely recommend Norwegian Cruise Line to others!

What to bring on an Alaskan Cruise

If you’re thinking about taking an Alaskan cruise 2023, here are a few things to bring:

-Your passport and visa if required by the destination country
-Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and insect repellent
-Rugged clothing for hiking ashore in remote areas or for touring glaciers and icebergs
-Sleepwear or pajamas for sleeping in your cabin aboard the ship
-Toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush/toothpaste)
-Flashlight and extra batteries
-First aid kit including pain reliever and antihistamine if needed

Tips for a memorable Alaskan Cruise

If you’re considering a cruise to Alaska, here are some tips to make the trip memorable.

1. Research your options thoroughly – there are a lot of great cruises available to Alaska, each with its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before booking!

2. Book well in advance – Alaskan cruises tend to fill up quickly, so it’s best to book as far in advance as possible. If you can, try to find a cruise that includes an Arctic exploration tour – these tend to be very popular and often sell out early.

3. Pack appropriately – it can be surprisingly cold in Alaska, so pack accordingly (jacket, hat, gloves) and bring a Snuggie or sleeping bag if necessary. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

4. Enjoy the scenery – take advantage of your voyage by spending time lounging on the decks or enjoying scenic tours around town. You never know – you might even see a bear or two while you’re there!

My favorite parts of my cruise

1. The most memorable part of my cruise was definitely the ports of call. I loved all of them for different reasons, but my favorite by far was Ketchikan! It was so welcoming and quaint and had an amazing waterfront district with cute boutique shops and restaurants.

2. Another highlight was the boat tour of Glacier Bay. It was so beautiful to see all the glaciers up close and learn about their history.

3. One thing I really enjoyed was the afternoon tea sessions in the salon. They were such a nice way to end each day and relax after exploring new parts of the ship.

4. Finally, one of my favorite things about cruising is that it’s always so relaxing and soothing to be surrounded by so many friendly people from all over the world!

The ports of call and what to do there

If you are planning a cruise to Alaska, there are several ports of call you can choose from.

The most popular port of call is Seward. This is the most centrally located port and has a lot to offer tourists, including shops, restaurants, and bars. There are also plenty of activities available in this area, such as whale watching and kayaking.

Another popular port of call is Kodiak. This is an excellent place to go if you want to see wildlife up close. You can visit nature reserves or watch whales in their natural habitat. The town center also has plenty of shopping and dining options for tourists.

If you’d like to explore more remote areas, then head to Juneau or Ketchikan. These ports offer amazing landscapes and tranquil settings perfect for hiking or relaxing on the beaches.

The optional activities

On our Alaskan cruise 2023, we had the opportunity to do a few optional activities. Some of these were kayaking and hiking in Glacier Bay National Park, riding horses on a ranch in Kenai, viewing wildlife at Cook Inlet Wildlife Preserve, and visiting the Mendenhall Glacier.

Kayaking in Glacier Bay was definitely one of our favorite things to do! The water was so clear and the scenery was gorgeous. It was also fun to see all the different types of wildlife that we saw while kayaking – from seabirds to porpoises! The hike up towards Mount Katmai National Monument was also very beautiful. We saw so many wildflowers along the way, as well as some amazing views of Mount Katmai.

Riding horses on a ranch in Kenai was another great experience. We were able to ride bareback for a bit and then switch over to using saddles for more intensive riding. It was really fun to see all the different kinds of cows and horses that we rode by – it felt like we were really getting close to them! We also got to learn about ranching basics while we were there.

Cook Inlet Wildlife Preserve is an especially special place because it’s home to many endangered animals, such as bald eagles and sea otters. We were able to view these animals up close while walking around the preserve, which was extremely exciting. And last but not least, Mendenhall Glacier is definitely something

My final thoughts

After my amazing Alaskan cruise journey, I have some final thoughts on the whole experience. Overall, I absolutely loved it! The scenery was breathtaking, and the ports of call were so interesting.

I especially enjoyed spending time in Kodiak and Anchorage. Both towns are really charming, and the local wildlife was fascinating to watch. I also really enjoyed the boat trips – they were so informative and fun!

Overall, I would highly recommend a cruise to anyone looking for an incredible vacation experience.

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